2022 International Artists Festival

Singapore, UK, Germany, USA

The Centre For Artistic Development welcomed to Calgary five artists in residence: Ollie, Shanice, Unnamed Human, Jakob and Blaise! These five artists travelled the world performing and perfecting their craft, and we were excited to welcome them as the debuting artists in residence at The Theatre!

Blaise Wopperer, Lara Cuilli, Shanice Stanislaus, Jakob Schäfer, Abagail Vanmerlin at parking lot in Black Diamond

It is so big here!

And it is the coldest I've ever been...

Our 2022 artists in residence arrived in Calgary during one of Alberta's longest cold snaps. They visited Banff, hiked Johnston's Canyon, cruised up the Banff Gondola, watched local theatre performances, took in a Flames Game from the front row, dined at the Calgary Tower, endured a road trip to Black Diamond for a comedy show... all the while creating four original shows while living within some of the most extreme conditions artists have known in recent times. These four original works debuted in Calgary at The Theatre to an exceptionally lacklustre reception during the 2022 International Artists Festival... though happily, this inaugural event coincided with the global emergence from two years of extreme pandemic restrictions.