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Bouffon Workshop

Exploring The Swamps At The Theatre

Enter the beautiful and mysterious world of Bouffon… they are the otherworldly creatures who dwell deep in the swamps of the underworld. It is here, in the cold, dank depths that we find the place where freedom of expression is unleashed, where humor and lighthearted mockery allow the Bouffon speak their truth–and for society to laugh at existence.

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About Nazaret Froufe

Nazaret Froufe, an international artist from Spain’s Basque Country, will lead workshop attendees into the fantastical world of Bouffon. Nazaret has spent the past three years in France where she has been an assistant to Philippe Gaulier at Ecole Philippe Gaulier. Philippe, a living theatre master, refined and influenced the original style of Bouffon. Philippe studied with and then assisted his teacher, Jacques Lecoq, who many recognize as the first to take the myths and legends of the Bouffon and place them into a theatrical context. Nazaret brings extensive training as well, as Philippe’s texts and his blessings, for the first time to Calgary, where she is excited to guide workshop participants into this strange and beautiful world.

Workshop Times

18:00-21:00 FRIDAY, September 2
10:00-17:00 SATURDAY, September 3
10:00-14:00 SUNDAY, September 4

What To Bring

Dark oversized clothes including sweaters, hooded zippers, stockings, pillows, cotton batting, black scarves, teeth paint, and various colours of face makeup.

This workshop is for ages 18 plus and may be offensive to some particpants.


Sep 02 2022 - Sep 04 2022


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