Blaise Wopperer

Artist in Residence
Blaise Wopperer

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Blaise Wopperer is a New York native, based in Brooklyn, NY.
Blaise received his BFA in Acting at SUNY Purchase in 2018, and has been involved in several productions in and around New York since then, including works at The Barrow Group, Mabou Mines, and Elevator Repair Service.

On Coming To Canada

Blaise is grateful for being welcomed into and supported by, this artistic community in Calgary. He hopes that live theatre will not only make a strong comeback globally, but that it will thrive beyond anyone’s expectations, through solidarity, diversity, and taking great risks.

On Creating Original Work
In Summer 2021, he finished the first-year program at Ecole Philippe Gaulier in France and is looking forward to creating original works with his former classmates throughout the years to come.
Personal Passions
In Blaise’s free time, he’s either on a stupidly long run in the middle of nowhere, inhaling couscous, or squeaking on his saxophone, or doing all three at once.