Jakob Schäfer

Artist in Residence
Jakob Marian Schaefer

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Born in South Germany Jakob discovered his love for storytelling as a kid. When rejected at Directingschool, Jakob graduated drama school instead. After three leading roles as Peer Gynt, D´Artagnan and Prince in Cinderella in theatre, Jakob moved to France to learn from the master of theatre Phillipe Gaulier. That is where CAD-founder Abagail and Jakob met and decided to create a show together…

On Coming To Canada

Canada has always been on top of the countries I wanted to see with my own eyes. I’m deeply grateful to be here now and make art. In Calgary I love that the Bow River bringing water from the mountains is so close to the city and somehow connects nature and culture. Hopefully time goes by very slow! Although I am excited for our performances to start.

My dreams for the future focus on developing work myself: more directing, writing, initiating projects, working with artistic friends from all over the world. Coming to Canada and working with friends here is a dream...