Nathan Pronyshyn



Nathan was the Artistic Producer of Vertigo Theatre’s Y Stage series for ten seasons and has spent the last 16 years working as an actor, director and facilitator.

Selected acting: Fight or Flight Response (Verb Theatre); In the Heat of the Night and Mystery at Greenfingers (Vertigo Theatre); One Good Marriage (Lunchbox Theatre); A Christmas Carol ’04-’08 (Theatre Calgary); Amadeus (Alberta Theatre Projects); Kung Fu Panties, The Lieutenant of Innishmore, Bash (Ground Zero Theatre); Whitman’s Whiskey Comedy Revue (Sidemart Thearical Grocery); Every Day Above Ground (Sabooge), The Big League (MTYP), and Dolphin Talk (Quest Theatre). Directing credits include Calamity Town, n00b (Vertigo Theatre, Persephone Theatre and Young People’s Theatre) and The Stones (Vertigo Theatre); La Mexicaine de Perforation (Trepan); The Frozen Limit (TheareBOOM). Selected media: The Secret History of the Wild West, Wynona Earp, Chokehold, Faultline, and the video game Splinter Cell: Conviction.

Awards & Fun Facts

Nathan was nominated for a Critter Award and Betty Mitchell Awards for acting, direction and fight direction.
Fun Facts
Nathan regularly voices spots for radio, TV and cinema. Nathan is currently doing his MFA at the University of Calgary and teaches Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to kids when he’s not busy wrangling his own.