Nazaret Froufe

Artist in Residence
Nazaret Froufe

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Nazaret Froufe hails from Spain where she is a Basque theatre performer, with extensive experience in the Performing Arts. Nazaret has a multitude of artistic projects to her name in theatre, film and television, among others.

Nazaret studied theatre at ARTEBI School in Bilbao, as well as at the Escuela Internacional de teatro Mar Navarro Y Andrés Hernández in Madrid and recently complete her professional diploma in theatre at École Philippe Gaulier in France.

Nazaret has completed her Masters in Theatre and Performing Arts from the University of the Basque Country.

Fun Facts

Fun Facts
This is Nazaret's first journey to Canada, and she looks forward to working with The Theatre as a guest artist in residence.
Nazaret currently lives in France and is school administrator at École Philippe Gaulier.