Ollie West

Artist in Residence
Ollie West

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Ollie West is an Actor, Comedian and Writer hailing from the UK. Ollie is currently an artist in residence at The Centre For Artistic Development in Calgary, Canada. Ollie West most recently graduated from Ecole Philippe Gaulier in Paris, France.

A Few Words From Ollie

“Having fun is the most important thing to me as an artist. To play and enjoy the work is always my focus, otherwise, the end performance suffers. Working alongside others who share a similar attitude allows me to make bold and brave choices as an artist.

A highlight for me as an artist, to date, was taking my first show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festivals in 2019. As a Brit, Edinburgh is the Holy Grail of creativity in the UK. Even being there without a show, is a whirlwind of experiencing so many different shows, from big theatre to productions, to some late-night alternative unknown comedian in a tiny little basement venue. But being able to actively be part of the biggest arts festival in the world, feels incredibly special and the opportunities that come as a result are so brilliantly rewarding.

One incredible moment in my career as an artist was performing in The Objectively Funny Charity Showcase at the Gilded Balloon, which was a fundraiser for the mental health charities CALM and MIND. Not only was it fantastic to participate in a positively focused gig during a stressful time for many of artists, but to be contracted as a performer because the promoter had seen my work and to be placed on the same bill as some household names from the UK comedy circuit was an amazing and very memorable experience for me.”

On Coming To Canada

I am incredibly excited to work with everyone at the Centre For Artistic Development and take my first trip to Canada, where I plan to bathe in the world’s finest maple syrup! I’m particularly looking forward to working with new people and hope to spend my time in Calgary developing a show that I able to tour in festivals.

On Accessibility & The Arts
I’d love to one day be able to help make the arts more accessible to people from all walks of life. To make the pursuit seem more attainable to anyone who has an interest. Because I believe not just the industry it’s life, but our lives, would be far more enriched when given a wide variety of perspectives.
On Change In The World
If I could change anything about the world, it would be how we view all forms of art. Despite art being so while consumed, everywhere you go, I think in general people all too often dismiss it as not real work or not work that is worth pursuing but from my experience any endeavour in the arts, big or small, has always had a positive, rewarding impact on my life.