Shanice Stanislaus

Artist in Residence
Shanice Stanislaus

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Shanice Stanislaus is a Singaporean-based multidisciplinary artist with a focus on theatre, dance, and clown. Shanice. began her professional artistic journey at 18 with Singaporean Flamenco dance theatre company, Flamenco Sin Fronteras, and currently performs under esteemed Flamenco Dance Theatre maestro, Antonio Vargas. As a professional performing artist, Shanice works both in Singapore and internationally with award-winning Broadway Jazz choreographer, Sue Samuels (New York City), theatre director Bill Bowers (New York City), theatre practitioner Philippe Gaulier (Paris), David Glass (UK), Deufert & Plishke (Germany) award-winning director and choreographer Alberto Velasco (Barcelona), prominent Singaporean directors Alvin Chiam, Claire Wong, and Ivan Heng.

A Few Words From Shanice

“Play, laughter, and dance parties are highly important to me as an artist, I find that they truly bring a community together no matter where in the world I’ve been. I would love to see a change in the kind of stories that are being told, I want to help tell more untold stories in the theatre and make accessibility available even for artists.

When I’m not performing, I juggle other hats of being a film director, movement director, and film producer. I love working within the medium of film to tell stories and have had documentaries featured in international film festivals such as the Guam International Film Festival (2016) and Mallorca Film Festival (2017) I frequently work with prestigious brands, production companies, and independent artists to creatively direct and produce their commercials, music videos and short films in Singapore. As a film actress in Singapore I am very familiar with working on camera, this has allowed me to approach my work in the film industry from multiple perspectives.”

On Coming To Canada

I look forward to coming to Calgary, hoping to deepen my practice and make accessible theatre that all audiences can truly enjoy. It will be my first time in Canada, so I am curious about the arts scene and hoping to create an original work/develop a previous work I have made with the artists in Calgary.

On Accessibility & The Arts
I am passionate about teaching and love working with communities that have limited access to the arts. I have spent years working in developing and training emerging youth artists in impoverished communities internationally.
Personal Passions
As a licensed Zumba instructor and trained art educator, I’ve taught dance and theatre classes the globe over, from Singapore and Kenya to Cambodia. My latest work has been working with inclusive art practices for children and youths with chronic illnesses and/or special needs.