Steve Jarand

Steve Jarand

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Beginning at Loose Moose theatre in Calgary, Steve has been doing improvisation since 1987.

He started working with masks in 1999 along with Keith Johnstone develop, then soon after began teaching at home and abroad.

Based now in Germany, Steve is invited to give mask and improv workshops and play shows privately, at festivals and in cultural/educational institutions. He has taught and performed in over 25 countries.

This summer Steve can be seen performing with Parks Canada at Spark, the Zoo and every Saturday night on Banff Avenue. He’ll also float by in the Stampede Parade as a tiny tourist in a red chair.

Interests & Fun Facts

Steve is a member of the International Theatresports™ Institute board of directors and is among their recommended teachers for Keith Johnstone’s Theatresports™, Maestro Impro™ and Gorilla Theatre™.
Fun Facts
When not teaching, Steve performs children’s nature theatre in schools, mountain parks and zoos and travels extensively looking for new cultural experiences and attending meditation retreats.