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Nadine is an optimist! Despite her lacklustre love life and stagnant career at the real estate agency, Nadine wakes up everyday thinking this could be the best day of her life! In her perpetual pursuit to cultivate positivity in her life, she attends a seminar led by motivational speaker Russ Hart, and is challenged to take up an oath to live her life with total transparency and vulnerability. Not one to turn down a life-changing challenge, Nadine dives in to transparency with full force, unleashing a string of awkward encounters and confrontations that cause her to question if perhaps she’s gone too far this time in the pursuit of self-improvement.

Director’s Word

I tend to habitually sway toward a hopeful confidence of any future endeavours I pursue. That classifies me as an optimist. I am also interested in ideas of vulnerability and connection which are popular notions in social psychology today. So naturally, I was intrigued by the idea of a character who is challenged to filter her optimism through the sieve of brutal honesty, and to watch her life circumstances, relationships, and idealistic perspective transform through her experience with extreme vulnerability. Also, I find a lot of humour in cliches, motivational speakers, and people with naïve optimism, like myself!

Sarah Glubish

Sarah is a local actor, playwright, and founding member of the theatrical collective Clowns With Issues. Her short play, Laughter, was produced by Urban Stories Theatre in February of 2019.
With a background in communication studies and her four-year BA in psychology, Sarah has spent the last year taking classes at Company of Rogues Actors’ Studio and acting in four local theatre productions, including the lead role of Florence Unger in St. Peter’s Players production of The Odd Couple: Female Version by Neil Simon.




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I like the ephemeral thing about theatre, every performance is like a ghost: it's there and then it's gone.

Maggie Smith / Actress

Theatre is a series of insurmountable obstacles on the road to imminent disaster.

Tom Stoppard / Dramatist