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We are now taking applications for our Resident Artists for 2020/2021. We will be accepting 52 artists who want to create and produce their own work. We offer the space to work, the community of artist to collaborate with, and a week in 2020/2021 to produce your show in our theatre.

CAD members have year-round access to a flexible rehearsal space, unlimited use of our collaboration lounge, one week of theatre space (5pm-12am), including 100% of all ticket sales. $1250/year. No hidden fees, no funny business, and no red tape.

Producer $1250 Per Year + -

You want to produce your own show, with one week in the theatre.

Actor & Collaborator $625 Per Year + -

You want to act in shows and jam during the creative process.

Actor Per Show $100 + -

You want to act in an occasional show. This per show fee covers rehearsal hall and venue fees.

Evening Theatre Rental $100 + -

You can’t get enough of producing and want to stage more shows! Subject to availability.


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CAD Co-Founder
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